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** Transfer of Shares are mandatorily in DEMAT form w.e.f. 05.12.2018. Physical Shareholders are advised for dematerializing their shares.
Disclosure under the Regulation 46 of the LODR
Details under Regulation 46(2) of Listing Regulation


Form Download - Form (pdf) Preview - Form Fillable - Form Purpose
Form ISR-1 Download-ISR-1 Preview-ISR-1 Fillable-ISR-1 Request for Registering PAN, KYC details OR Changes/updations there of (only for securities held in physical)
Form ISR-2 Download-ISR-2 Preview-ISR-2 Fillable-ISR-2 Confirmation of Signature of securities holder by Banker
Form ISR-3 Download-ISR-3 Preview-ISR-3 Fillable-ISR-3 Declaratin for Opting-Out of Nomination by holders of physical securities in Listed Companies
Form ISR-4 Download-ISR-4 Preview-ISR-4 Request For Issue of Dulicate and Other Service Requests
Form SH-13 Download-SH-13 Preview-SH-13 Fillable-SH-13 Nomination Form
Form SH-14 Download-SH-14 Preview-SH-14 Fillable-SH-14 Cancellation OR Variation of Nomination