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** Transfer of Shares are mandatorily in DEMAT form w.e.f. 05.12.2018. Physical Shareholders are advised for dematerializing their shares.
Disclosure under the Regulation 46 of the LODR
Details under Regulation 46(2) of Listing Regulation
Draft Letter of Appointment of Independent Director Download
Nomination and Remuneration Policy Download
Corporate Social Repsonsibility Policy Download
CSR Projects approved by the Board Download
Code of Conduct of Directors and Senior Management Download
Code of Fair Disclosure of UPSI Download
Insider Trading Code Download
Leak of UPSI Download
Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transaction Download
Policy for determining materiality Download
Familarisation Programme for Independent Directors Download
Succession Policy Download
Whistle Blower Policy Download
Archival Policy Download
Policy on Preservation of Documents Download